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hello , i need to send newsletter to my register member from my domain name, does your hosting plans came with domain name email? or are there any other ways to do this? thanks!


  • I am also curious about this. I don't want to go through the (what I've read to be) considerable hassle to set up an email / SMTP server or go back to the days of the awful clients like Squirrelmail. I had my domain on Namecheap redirecting my emails to my gmail accounts, and didn't realize when I set a custom domain I no longer had access to that. Same question as op, mostly - is there a simple way to set up redirects in the admin panel, or some way to set up an email/smtp server that won't fight with my NGINX server and backend apps?
  • Vultr's panel doesn't have any email settings. In any case, DNS for your domain needs an MX record to direct incoming email to a server that can accept email for you.

    Setting up your own email server on an existing box can be quite a challenge. I use Mail in a Box (requires dedicated server), but you can also install your own panel that will set up email for you (cPanel, Plesk, Webmin/Virtualmin, Vesta).
  • Hello,

    Vultr only provides DNS manager where you can manage DNS records, if you want newsletter solution you must go to Newsletter providers such as Mailchimp.

    You could set up your email server, but that is just way too hard, if you do not have a big experience.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
  • Como posso criar um email com formato contato @ para meu site ? Algum tutorial?
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