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The last post I saw suggesting South America with a response from the Vultr staff is from 2014, when the Miami servers launched.

The Miami servers are nice (I use one VPS from that datacenter), but the ping is still a bit high (~160ms) here from Brazil, so I would like to suggest, again, to add support for one location on South America.

By South America, I do not mean necessarly Brazil, however a datacenter on São Paulo would be nice. =)

Sorry for being repetitive, but I like the service and I really recommend it (I was recommending it today on Reddit, by the way), and I would really like to have a smaller ping for hosting game servers on the future, for example. =)

Thanks and keep the good work!


  • Would be nice to have a Brazil DC option on Vultr for those applications with low latency requirements.
  • +1. This would really help improve the speed of my website for users in Latin America.
  • Having servers in Brazil would be a dream for us, but unfortunately with the prices practiced here, I say that it would be practically impossible to have a service with the quality and price that Vultr practices here in our country.

    Unfortunately we have to choose servers outside Brazil, with that we lose in some points, but we gain in value, quality, support, quality of the machines, etc.
  • +1 for Latin America

  • +1 for Latin America.

    Working with 150 ms of latency (Miami) is not optimal, to the point where we will probably migrate all our instances to a brazilian host, unfortunately.

  • We ( recently launched in Brazil and are an extensive user of Vultr Services. As part of our pre-launch procedures we did alot of testing of routes between different clouds and our chosen location. I thought I would share our results for other Vultr customers. Of course your performance may vary by upstream transit.

    The results for Vultr New York were decent at 110ms, and nearly the same for Miami (111ms typical) from São Paulo. It seems counter intuitive due to the longer distance traveled to New York but you may experience slightly better routes to there. We also tested for congestion but did not find significant congestion on either route (with NTT for transit).

    While not offered by Vultr (closest Washington) we also tested Virginia (Ashburn) since the Seabras-1 cable has a landing at Virginia Beach. Unfortunately all the transits we tested preferred the New York landing. As such Virginia is sub-optimal

    For those in Rio de Janeiro just over 100ms appears to be possible.

    I hope this helps people in their choice.

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