Vultr bad or good

I just started to learn or experiment linux server and I found that vultr's price are acceptable. And I was gonna tell my classmates about vultr next monday. But now I just changed my mind.
I'm having an issue about smtp 25. They removed the default block. And I still face some issues that I have no idea. They told me that I have to verify the instance's local firewall allows connections via TCP 25. Then I moved to firewall page. I tried to created it based on what Ive been told. When I really couldn't figure out what the source is gonna be and I sent another ticket to ask what the source field is gonna be. And I got the response "We're a self-managed service; therefore, the installation, configuration and maintenance of software on your instance is out of the scope of our support". I totally understand it.
So if you are a newbie don't choose vultr


  • You don't need to use the Vultr firewall unless you need to. If you do not set it up, connections will be allowed on all ports by default, including 25.

    What they were referring to is your operating system firewall. So whatever OS you booted up, you need to check its firewall to ensure port 25 is allowed.
  • @msuli1120 Well... Exactly.. They provide it so cheaply because it's unmanaged.

    Some companies offer managed services - they are far more expensive - think about it - if a member of staff spends 30 minutes helping you out, that's at least a $15 cost to them. How long do you expect them to be running when you pay $5 a month?!

    P.S. Eaton has nailed it. Also, if you want help from here, you need to provide your ip address!

    P.P.S. Vultr are good. They know their stuff. They have good kit and infrastructure...

    I imagine they are the sort of people you'd expect to find under floor boards with ethernet cables wrapped around their necks, not people wearing suit and tie and answering phone calls at a desk!
  • And ofcourse did you do that simple but needed thing aka "reboot the instance via the control panel"
  • >> @msuli1120 So if you are a newbie don't choose vultr

    Exactly! Vultr probably is not a service for newbies. However, for $5 a month a newbie can use Vultr to learn more and graduate out of newbie status pretty fast.
  • Agree with @adamMc - Vultr performance is excellent IMO - and for a low entry point$$s you can really learn a lot. Just be prepared to spend time - like in anythin you want to get better at :wink:
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