"$100 free bare metal credit"

Hello all!

From the FAQ...

Q. What are the terms of the $100 free bare metal credit?

A. The $100 promotional credit applies only to bare metal servers deployed on your account and any unused credit expires 30 days after account activation. Credit is not applicable to VC2 or any other Vultr services.

My questions, before I deploy this:

* Is this a current thing?

* Is this credit automatically applied? Or must I request a promo code?




  • This promo is still active, though I don't see it applied to your account. I believe you'd need to link a valid payment method before you get it. If you still don't see it after that, please open a ticket so our billing department can look into it.
  • After registering and linking your CC (without a deposit) you will receive 100 dollars that can be only applied for BAREMETAL INSTANCES, the credit lasts 30 days, however be aware that price of baremetal is 120 if you just want to try baremetal you wont get billed but if you have it running for more than 30 days you will start to get billed.

    The credit is automatically applied after linking CC.

    Yes, the promotion is still valid.
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    Too bad there aren't many bare metal servers left anywhere. When will they be back? I'd love to set one up in Los Angeles.

    UPDATE: My wish is their command…LA Bare Metal is back again. Yay!

    UPDATE (again): I got myself a bare metal server, but they're *all* "temporarily unavailable." My hunch is they're selling like hotcakes and Vultr is restocking as fast as possible.
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