Complete newbie to all of this, need to access my dad's servers. in Help

Hi all, my dad used vultr to host everything for his business and he recently passed away unexpectedly. His associates are depending on me to get his data and programs in order to continue running the business. I have next to no tech experience (aside from being his kid, and knowing a little C++), but a strong drive to learn so I can take over for him and continue the business. In regards to vultr, I have access to his account, but not knowing a lot of the tech lingo I'm afraid of accidentally doing the wrong thing and deleting something important. I need to access whatever it is that's on his servers, and unfortunately cannot trust anyone else to do it.

This is a lot for someone unfamiliar with webhosting to step into, I was wondering if anyone, or a few people, might be willing to give me some guidance and direction? Just a note as some have brought this up, the business side of things I have handled and have already spoken with his lawyer about, it's merely the tech side that I'm having trouble with.

Thank you very much.
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