Can't use my mouse?

Hello! I'm new to all of this and am not very tech savy. I just started a Windows 2012 R2 Server based in L.A. The server started running and I opened the console and logged in. My problem is that I can't use my mouse to click or navigate anywhere. I'm only able to use the arrow keys. Am I missing something? My home PC is running on Windows 10. Hope you can help!


  • Are you using the web console?
  • yes I am facing the same. Please advise. what to do in order to have mouse capability on the console? or any alternatives?
  • I assume you are talking about Bare Metal instances? I asked the support team about this a while ago and this is their latest response about the issue:

    "We've troubleshooted the windows mouse synchronization problem in depth and the issue appears to be related to this particular BMC's hardware protocol and we have not yet found an easy solution here. The only temporary "workaround" is to move the mouse in and out of the screen and reset the position. This admittedly does not work great but it may allow you sufficient control to navigate through troubleshooting screens and get to a state where RDP can be enabled."

    If you are NOT talking about Bare Metal instances, you should open a ticket as I've personally never had any mouse problems on VC2 instances.
  • Hi, somebody found a solution for mouse issue? ... I have the same problem my mouse can`t work... Cheers
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