Sell Extra Bandwitdh

Please add extra bandwitdh feature so we can buy without upgrade. Because sometimes we just need additional bandwitdh without having to wait for reset bandwitdh at the beginning of the month. It is unfortunate that the vultr does not have this feature


  • We offer a couple ways you can add additional bandwidth to your plan.

    1. Upgrade to the next available plan tier.
    2. Pay for additional "overage" GB in excess of your plan allowance - no prepayment needed.

    You can read more about bandwidth billing here:
  • @mike
    Does that mean that you're never going to implement buying blocks of bandwitdh or pool them between all the servers ? I know it's from back in 2015, but :
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    These are the options available today. If you have an application that requires bulk purchases of very large amounts of bandwidth, our sales team would be glad to review your needs and provide guidance on what plans may be right for you - just open a support ticket from the members area.
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    purchasing extra bandwidth would be a good options, or bandwidth pooling.

    I agree that this feature should be implemented. This feature would allow bigger projects to be brought to Vultr. Without a straightforward solution to increased bandwidth Vultr may not look like a viable option.

    Most projects will never use the pre-purchase of bandwidth blocks, but having this as an option gives developers and project managers more peace of mind, and my guess will lead to bigger projects migrating over to Vultr.

    For my own projects, we currently do not need increased bandwidth. But, I never know what my company will ask of me tomorrow, and it might be a bandwidth heavy project. More predictable bandwidth prices would make everyone feel better about using Vultr.
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