Bare Metal - 10G "Burstable" Connectivity?


I'm reviewing your Bare Metal offering (looks awesome by the way).

And it says:

Every dedicated server instance includes a *burstable* 10GbE network connection

If 10G is "burstable", than what is the "normal" network speed to expect from a Bare Metal instance?


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    Hello, according to the internet speed of baremetal in LA is

    Download: 810.67 Mbit/s
    Upload: 470.63 Mbit/s

    This may vary at different server locations, but please note that baremetal is ready for anything you throw at it. (Not crypto mining because it is not allowed)

    If you want to try baremetal for free use the 100 dollar credit promo.

    Edit: Althrough be aware that bandwidth is only 5TB which is quite sad for such brilliant server.
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