I've a domain name but I don't know how to assign to my host.

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Hi, I have a domain name and I registered in my country's domain name host vendor, but I don't know how to setup in my setting page.


  • You mean for DNS services? At this time there is no DNS service with VULTR, so you will need to use your registrar's DNS server facilities and point the A, MX and other records needed to VULTR or purchase a 3rdpart DNS host to do this function.
  • I've created an A record with my registrar... but nothing happens when I type my domain in the browser after 1 day now...
  • somethingpt: The changes might not have yet spread to your isp's dns yet. To check run the following commands to see if there is any difference in output (you need to find out the dns name servers of your registrar, assuming ns1.your-reg.kom :
    (on windows)
    - run: "cmd.exe"
    - nslookup yourdomain.com (see what IP is returned)
    - nslookup yourdomain.com ns1.your-reg.kom (compare to output above)
    if there is a difference in IP's returned then you need to wait longer for the changes to apply.

  • https://www.whatsmydns.net/ use this page to test DNS settings
  • re-register your dns or use the google public dns, which will guarantee a instant update of dns queries.
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