SSH connection timed out - anyone using CSF Firewall have conflicts on Vultr ?

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Hi I just spun up my first Vultr 768MB CentOS 6.5 LA VPS as I am writing my Vultr review guide for installing Centmin Mod Nginx LEMP stack

But I ran into first problem, my Vultr VPS just disconnected from my SSH client (using SecureCRT) and now get Connection timed out when trying to SSH back in ?

Console access attempt shows no VNC connection ready message

My Centmin Mod LEMP stack auto installs CSF Firewall and runs fine on DigitalOcean, Linode, RamNode, and BuyVM VPSes which run KVM, Xen and OpenVZ based virtualisation.

Is there anything else I am missing for Vultr VPS to work with CSF Firewall ?

thanks guys !


  • I would venture to say if console shows no VNC connection ready there is something wrong with the VM. That doesn't rely on the VM level VNC/ports etc, that is using the console output system from KVM on the host node, nothing that CSF can control.
  • There was an issue with any instance installed between 6AM and 11AM EST today that would have caused the console to not function. If you're running into this, open a ticket and we can correct it. Alternatively, if you have not made any changes to your server, a reinstall will also correct it.

    This would only cause problems for the console, it is not responsible for any other issues.
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    Thanks I see that my client area has 2 notices about Los Angeles region issues which is the region my first Vultr 768MB VPS is in. Seems the VNC Console is connecting now too

    (RESOLVED) Los Angeles Network Difficulty
    Jun 26 18:07 EDT
    Network difficulties are currently being experienced in the Los Angeles, California location. End users may experience elevated latency levels and/or an inability to connect to services. We are working on an effort to correct the issue. We will provide additional updates here once they become available.

    (RESOLVED) Los Angeles Network Connectivity Issues
    Jun 27 10:33 EDT
    We are experiencing networking connectivity issues with one of our upstream providers at the Los Angeles. We are working directly with our upstream providers to mitigate the issue.
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