Possible to cap bandwidth utilization to avoid overage charge?

Is it possible to set a cap on the bandwidth utilization of an instance to avoid an overage charge?

For example, say I run a 20 GB SSD VC2 instance which has a bandwidth allotment of 500 GB/mo., and I do not want to pay an overage charge of $0.01/GB (in North America and Western European locations as noted at https://www.vultr.com/faq/#bandwidthoveragerate) if the instance exceeds 500 GB in a month, does Vultr support a way to set a cap of 500 GB/mo. such that the instance will be powered off or network traffic to/from it will be blocked?

I would like to limit my financial exposure, basically. I don't want a DoS/DDoS attack or a popular web page or resource hosted on my instance to end up increasing my cost due to bandwidth overage charges while I'm unaware (e.g., not actively monitoring, asleep, on vacation, etc.).

Or is it considered my responsibility to monitor the bandwidth utilization of the instance and take whatever action I desire? I suppose I could programmatically monitor the network statistics of the instance and shut it down if it got close to the allotted bandwidth for the month. Or I could use the Vultr API endpoint "/v1/server/bandwidth" (as documented at https://www.vultr.com/api/) to query the bandwidth utilization of the instance and take whatever action I desire.


  • In your control panel, under Settings -> Notifications you can configure email notifications as well as automatic instance power offs in the event the bandwidth utilization is exceeded.
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