Quick question regarding bandwidth

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I read that bandwidth is charged hourly, so I have a quick question, so to make sure I'm understanding (I'm not the brightest bulb in the box):

The $0.01 plan comes with 2 TB of bandwidth. Assuming this equates to roughly 2.7 GB/hour:

If I rent a server for one hour, and use 81 GBs of upstream bandwidth (2.7 * 30) and 50 GBs of downstream, then cancel the server, I'd be charged an additional ~$1.57 on top of the $0.01 for that instance? I believe I wouldn't be charged for downstream as per the FAQ.


  • An official staff response regarding this would be appreciated, I too am quite curious if this is the case, now that the question has been asked.
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    99% sure this is the case, seen (I believe it was Dave) mention it somewhere.

    Edit: Confirmed.
    "Plus bandwidth is technically hourly, so if you used 900GB on day 1 and killed it on day 3 there'd be overage charges."

    Source: https://discuss.vultr.com/discussion/comment/62#Comment_62
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