Snapshot instructions: translation into English needed

The phrase "We recommend changing each machine to use DHCP for networking" is spectacularly unhelpful to someone creating a snapshot who is not a hard-core Linux person. I can Google and find out what DHCP networking is (which I did), but will still be baffled by this phrase (which I am). What is meant by "each machine?" To my knowledge, I have no control at the bare-metal level, which is what the word "machine" means to me. Does it mean "instance" in this case? How exactly does one "change" this -- from what is it changed, and at what level? I can't find any such option on the control panel's Servers pane. I doesn't seem to be an installation option when creating an instance. Google yields nothing that looks like it applies to this situation that tells me anything about using terminal as root or sudo to make configuration changes. Perhaps I didn't Google long enough, but at some point one really has to ask for help from knowledgeable mentors (I refer to you, the readers).
If someone would like to point me to information I could use for the purpose, I would be happy to write a brief "how-to" and submit it to Vultr for their documentation section.


  • Hi David,

    The terms "machine", "instance", and "VPS" are used interchangeably throughout discussion and documentation on cloud services. In general, this refers to the current VPS you're working with.

    Each base operating system offered by Vultr (CentOS, Debian, etc) is configured to use DHCP for networking out of the box. Therefore, if you have not modified the network configuration of the VPS that you're trying to snapshot, you will not need to make any changes.

    We have some beginner snapshot documentation in our Vultr docs, but DHCP versus static networking isn't fully covered yet:
  • @maul Wasn't it the case that originally the servers were built with hardcoded addresses, but now the (still static) address is retrieved via DHCP. Perhaps the part of the documentation "We recommend changing each machine to use DHCP for networking" needs to be updated.

  • Hi Jamie,

    We had a mix of static/DHCP in our early offerings (late 2014), but have since standardized everything to DHCP. I agree that the "We recommend changing..." text is a little dated (and confusing!) at this point. I'll schedule a text update for that field. Thanks for pointing that out!
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