Password retrieval not working!

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Your password retrieval system is not working! I had to create a second account in order to be able to make you guys aware of this...


  • I have also contacted twice the last couple of 2 months about this. No reply as of yet....
  • Mails come properly to me, you have any sort of filtering that may be blocking the emails?
  • Our support system will automatically send you a reply with a ticket number once it receives your email. Looking at our logs for your email address, I see several outgoing emails to it. You'd need to contact your email provider for further information about where they are going.
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    Ok, the second account I set up is a email address. I do receive password recovery emails from Vultr to this address.

    However, the main account was set up on a email address. I never receive any emails from Vultr to this address. I do have whitelisted in Outlook. It's clearly something wrong at your end.
  • What did your email provider tell you regarding the ability to receive from that address?
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    @John2 Whitelisting it in Outlook will not whitelist it properly. You need to log into your ISPs webmail and whitelist it there, that will be why you are not receiving it
  • I have it whitelisted on the ISP as well. I'm still unable to receive any emails....

    Can you guys reset my password or something so that I can log in to my account? I have no idea how much credit I have left...?
  • We will attempt to reach out to you via e-mail one more time today.
  • Hi Mike. No email received as of yet...
    Did you receive the email I sent to
  • @John2 I sent you a PM
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