VM cant access internet after Firewall enabled


I cant access internet from VM after the Firewall rule has been enabled in the Vultr Portal.

I have just 3 rules allowing ICMP, tcp/80 and tcp/443 inbounding.

May I have to set sometinhg in the guest OS?


  • Hi All,

    I Seem to be having a similar problem. 1 have two instances running both with the same configuration installed.

    With no firewall enabled, traffic goes in and out without a problem. However when I enable a firewall group with all but 22, 80 and 443 blocked, outbound traffic stops on one instance, but not the other. Both instances are in "Sydneÿ" however one in 45.* and another in 149.*

    One one (45.*) the traffic behaves as it should and nslookups of a domain are all but instant, the other (149.*) can take either >10 seconds if at all.

    As soon as I disable the firewall, traffic flows as normal again.

  • having the same problem anyone figure this out

  • Hello,

    For support issues, please open a ticket.


    Thank you!

    --- David

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