Sub Accounts

My company has been a loyal customer for several years now. Because of GDPR i have found myself having have my customers servers that i manage on seperate accounts all hooked up to my billing information.

I would find it a major feature being able to have a link on the control panel to allow me to set up sub accounts which have a master billing account on one login something similar to what Twilio has done where I get one invoice per month compared to the many i am currently getting and get billed once per month instead of per account.

The whole point would be to be able to search or select the sub account and only be shown servers for that specific sub account but be able to see all on the master account.

This would drastically simplify billing and prevent the wrong server being modified because of confusion with which customer uses which account.

I suppose I could use the work around of setting my customers name as the tag as a workaround but this is not ideal.

Would anyone else benefit from this?


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