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If we were to order a Windows server, how do we interface with it? Do we just use RDP to remove desktop into the server? Secondly, would I be able to install a Space Engineers dedicated server onto this server?


  • You get the html5 VNC console just like any other, and if you use the Vultr provided/licensed/setup Windows install RDP will be on and ready for you out of box. Note that it does take a little longer than the linux installs to complete, you can open the console and watch as it works if it has to do a config and reboot etc. Once it is at login a few minutes without action, it is ready to go.

    Didn't know what Space Engineer was but looked it up and yes it should run without issue on the 2012 R2 installation as it has access to ASP.NET, windows and a public IP address.
  • how long does it take to see the login screen in the setup process?
  • I've tried to install the windows server OS for one and half hours but still in vain.
  • And the support isn't prompt to answer my questions, I am waiting for the support to help me set up the windows, and is still waiting, and waiting....
  • Here is what the support replied me, and I don't think it's relevant to my problem:

    Sure thing, this link should provide a basic idea of how to inject the drivers. -->>

    Serge DeVaux
  • ????
  • ??????????????
  • Any one here who can lend me a hand?
  • It is driving me mad to wait for several hours...
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    Quit spamming.

    Keep in mind these are unmanaged servers. However, they did go above and beyond to give you specific suggestions. If you don't know what you're doing and you want to use VULTR, it would be best to use an OS they can deploy to automatically (like Windows server 2012).
  • If you wanted to remote control your Windows Server, you could use mstsc, or terminal service for longer name, which will grant you a better performance than VNC.
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