can i mount block storage (NY/NJ) in singapore instance?

can i mount block storage (NY/NJ) in singapore instance? anyone knows?


  • No, and even if you could that would likely result in *terrible* performance.
  • @mkw168 Think laterally, man! :-)

    There'd be nothing stopping you renting a small instance in NJ, attach the block storage to that, and then export the thing to wherever you want.

    However, as @devicenull says, that would likely run terribly.

    If you can't simply run your whole instance out of NJ, you could move the backend there (e.g. if it's a database server) and tunnel a link between there and your Singapore server.

    Or, depending on your setup, move the whole webserver (if you have one) to NJ, but only accessable by a reverse caching proxy run in Singapore, so all static and frequent requests will get served from singapore without needing to connect to NJ in the process.

    One of those options may be suitable for your needs! Be wary of bandwidth usage though!
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