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Imagine the typical scenario - we've all been there:

You do some testing with a reserved IP.

Before the initial 24 hour minimum age is up, you are about to embark on a 6-month internet-less holiday with some super-model.

You are unable to cancel the IP.

Question: Do you cancel the holiday so you can cancel the IP later, or do you go regardless?

More seriously, I'm forgetful. It would nice to be able to "delete" an IP at any stage.. Actually, restriciting what you can do based on countdowns - a "come-back-later" requirement - is bad, in my opinion.

This isn't about the charging... What I mean is, delete it, but still charge the minimum 24 hours... That's cool. Or, if it's a technical thing, shove the request onto a queue, so I can take that well deserved holiday! :-)


  • +1

    (I've always wanted to do that!)
  • +1 (I didn't see this before I wrote about it in my reply to you on a different thread..."floating ip billing change")
  • @john haha, I just noticed! Great minds etc.!

    @mike boo :-)
  • @jamie Question: Do you cancel the holiday so you can cancel the IP later, or do you go regardless? --> No, you setup a script to launch 24 hours later with a curl call to our API! :)

    One of the reasons this restriction exists is to detract short term usage of reserved ips and to prevent cycling through our IPs space and potential IP abuse (spamming, port scanning, etc). I do see how this restriction may be inconvenient for your usage scenario however...

  • @mike arrrgh I didn't think of the API! I can tell you've never had to cancel holidays with super-models!

    Cheers for the reply. I understand the reasons for the restrictions, I just don't like the "You can't do this now. You have to come back later" approach, and wish it could be queued or such.

    But as you say.. API!

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