Can't get IPv6 to work

I'm running the 1-click install for Wordpress, its on CentOS, my domain is managed through Google Domains.

I add my servers IPv6 address shown in Vultr under Settings>IPv6 as a AAAA record in Google Domains.
I checked over SSH, the same address shows under inet6.

I noticed after a while some users had trouble with the website not loading, and I narrowed it down to IPv6, if I delete the AAAA record it works fine.

When I use tools such as , it shows that it can see the AAAA record but is unable to reach the server at port 80 over IPv6.

Sorry if I'm missing any information, I'm pretty new to this. I've removed the AAAA record at the moment to prevent issues but would like to eventually have IPv6 working.


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