DirectX support - Enable QXL?

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So I'm in a kind of unique situation. I've got a client that would like to be able to use some specific industrial software that does some *very light* 3D rendering, basically just to display some charts and graphs and other data visualization.

I've already got Win10 installed and running OK, but the display driver is the 'Microsoft basic display' and dxdiag says that DX12 is installed, but basically nothing is supported.

I've tried installing the QXL display drivers, but it's not accepted. I assume this is because the virtual machines here haven't enabled the qxl option.

In the wild chance that anyone here knows of a workaround, is there any other approach? Can vultr enable this on a case by case basis? (Seems unlikely) Are there any cloud providers that do this? I know I could get a bare metal machine but for something that only requires a couple GB of ram and almost no CPU or bandwidth, it's such overkill.
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