Custom VPS

I recently went to deploy a load balancer on Vultr with the 4gb plan. $20/mo is a little too much for me, especially considering I'm not going to use much of that SSD. If we could create custom VPS, then we could save money on resources we weren't using. Hourly billing per resource (say, per 512MB RAM, per CPU vCore, and per 1GB SSD Storage, with a minimum of 10GB) should take place with reasonable pricing. That way, we could be paying less for more power, or for more storage. If this doesn't really sound good, then there should be resource-based plans too, say, keep the current plans, but also have RAM-based ones (more RAM with less storage and CPU vCores, but still reasonable power), CPU-based, and storage based.


  • Hello,

    I suggest making a support ticket, but I dont know if it would help since Vultr is most likely not offering custom solutions.
  • How about 2 weak servers?
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