Stop instance when over the month traffic limit

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If the instance over the month traffic limit, Stop it and email to customer,So we can not produce extra fees


  • To add to this, warnings for 75% & 90% usage if they don't already exist, sent by email to alert.
  • I like it ..
  • We're thinking we may send a daily summary email of your instances, we def wont stop instances as that could be a disaster. Plus bandwidth is technically hourly, so if you used 900GB on day 1 and killed it on day 3 there'd be overage charges.
  • In response to DaveA, I personally wouldn't like 30ish additional emails per month that don't display critical data (i.e warnings instead of summaries).
    Could there be an option to receive instance summaries or not (while critical reports will be sent regardless - 75% usage and whatnot)?
  • +1 have an opt-in option to cut the instance's network at x% quota used. This would be ideal in case you're on the unfortunate end of a ddos.
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    Yes, this is the desired option. I'm surprised that you still had her no.
    Maybe .
    If bw > 0.9 * limit then send to user email . 0.9 Option set by user manually.
    If bw > 1.1 * limit then stop instance. 1.1 Option set by user manually.
  • I agree on not wanting a daily email. I'd like an alert at 50%, 75% and maybe making it more frequent after 75% to be tracked.
    A daily email would just add up in a mountain of unimportant mails and get ignored when it is really needing to be checked at some point.
  • yep alerts starting at 75% would be best, any less than that and I don't really care, gives plenty time to upgrade or make plans etc.
  • This sounds like a good idea.
  • Great idea. This is especially useful if you have an instance in Japan or Australia where bandwidth is really a premium.
  • I'd also appreciate this.
  • You can achieve that by using the API, I wouldn't consider it a priority.
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    An option to cut network if at x% (set by user) (off by default)
    Email alerts if at x% (defaults %50 and %75, can be changed by user) (on by default)
  • +1
    This is a good opition to control the cost!
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    We have added bandwidth e-mail alerts on usage exceeding your current bandwidth cap. You can modify this setting at under the heading Bandwidth Usage Alerts
  • This feature is now available.
  • @DaveA Nice! But I'm going to be a pain in the arse and ask if this (and b/w alerts) could be configured per server instance, not per account?

    I can see a sutuation where this would be really useful on some servers, yet I have some servers I'd want to remain running at all costs.
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    Hi Jamie,

    We will consider tweaking this in the future. Technically you could implement a more custom solution like what you are describing via the API since bandwidth data is available there.
  • @mike doh! Yes, I forgot about the API (which I find really neat, and I've already used successfully for other requests, so I have no excuse...)

    Please forgive the ramblings of a forgetful old man :-)

    Cheers, Jamie
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    @jamie no problem, all feature feedback has value and is always welcome!
  • So that I understand this correctly, the bandwidth limit of 2000GB is for what? Per day, per month? Please explain.
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