Mail Server


I'm totally new to this so don't judge my basic questions :)
I'm using Vultr VPS for hosting and Namecheap for the domain name.
I need to receive emails from users visiting my website so I tried to configure SMTP in my server
but it did not work. I opened a ticket then customer support unblocked SMTP in my server.
And since I created an email "" I tested the sending and it still only work when I'm sending
to an email with the same domain name "@mydomain".
I'm sure I turned off Spam detection services and any thing that restricts the mailing in WHM.

So any idea how to configure the mail server? where to start? and how to properly set my MX records
cuz I don't know where exactly should I add them, in Vultr or in Namecheap?

Thank you.


  • Hey, i would advice not creating your own mail server. Because a mail server consists of many different software components, it is pretty complex to setup and to maintain. I would advice setting up gmail or some other mail service with your own domain name. It's much easier than doing it your self.
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    Hey, I would advise you not to setup own mail server on your server, as it would break your server in some case. You can try using Gmail for business to manage these things. I also manage these things on my website, for eg. xxxx using this method.
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