IPv6 only instances

Would be possible to change limitation/threshold to amount of instances from 2 to 15 (number of supported locations) including support of IPv6 only BGP session if this is not supported, please ?


  • No, the limits on the $2.50 plan are fixed and cannot be changed. IPv6 BGP sessions have been supported ever since we first started offering BGP.
  • Would be possible to set "IPv6 only mode" also for other instance types:
    - e.g. add enumeration data field with following options:
    Enable IPv4
    Enable IPv6
    Enable IPv4 & IPv6

    Idea behind:
    Ability to create IPv4 only or IPv4 only or dual-stack environments as part of instance creation process without additional effort (setup firewall rules to block unrelated IPvX).
  • Provided as user account special option. Thanks.
  • Yes, IPv6 only instances are supported on non-sandbox plans as well. If you require this feature, the option can be enabled on your account via support ticket currently.
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