Disable secondary ip redirect to main ip?

I have to IP on the server(Ubuntu 16.04). And I'm trying to open node server listening on the main IP.
When I open the server and access website with the main IP, everything is working fine.
But when I access the website with secondary IP, it also gives me the same website.

What I want to do is, open two different node server listening on two different IP.
Could anyone help me?


  • Do you actually want to run different software on the other IP?

    If so, you need to reconfigure the webserver (you don't say which one!) to listen on the one ip address only.

    In your webserver config you want to change something like "listen" or "bind" from maybe "" or "*" to the specific ip address. If the listen or bind doesn't exist, you'll have to add whichever is appropriate.

    If you just want the other ip to give a different website, but using the same web software, google "configuring ip based virtual hosts with XXX" where XXX is the web software you're running.
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