Delegate subdomain to external DNS server?

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Is there a way to delegate responsibility for a sub-domain to an external DNS server?

I'd like to add an 'A' record on VULTR's DNS server to point a sub-domain to my office network IP and host a BIND server there. It would be used for an internal mail server (* and so that local systems all have their own FQDNs (* Any office computers querying domains outside the local search domain, for example should have their DNS query forwarded to the VULTR DNS server.

As you obviously have guessed, I'm a bit of a novice in this area.

Does anyone have any hints as to what I need to do or if this is even possible with VULTR DNS servers? Or is it something that can be done entirely on the external DNS side and all I need is a single A record to point to it?


Update: Well, I think I've figured out the office side of things and everyone has their internal FQDNs. Made the local DNS zone "" and all the machines "", "", etc.

Now trying to figure out the VULTR DNS part (A/MX) for the office-hosted mail server. I've read that adding a second MX record will only act as a backup, rather than a completely separate mail server.

Update: Nevermind, turned out to be as simple as simple as setting up A records for and, MX record for, then setting up BIND and Postfix on the local office network.
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