$60 Dedicated Instance CPU Performance Benchmarks?

How does the single core cpu performance of the $10 VC2 compare to that of the $60 Dedicated Instance? I see Geekbench benchmarks for vc2 but not for the dedi.

I am currently running a 2D multiplayer game server written in Node.js on VC2 instances but am only able to support 50 players per instance of Node before I get lag which is caused by high CPU usage due to lots of collisions.

So in order to support more players per room I am thinking about switching to Dedicated Instances, but was hoping to get better information on how the CPU performance on the dedi instances compares to the vc2’s.


  • The dedicated product line is ideal for CPU intensive workloads (such as game servers) and many of our customers choose this option when they need guaranteed CPU performance.

    Just like VC2, you can deploy dedicated instances with hourly billing and no contracts, so it's easy to evaluate the performance and see if they are a good fit for your specific workload!

    You can see our hourly rates here:
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