High CPU Usage Idle?

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I installed a real-time performance monitor called netdata (https://my-netdata.io/) and I'm getting a massive difference between it and the built in Vultr server monitor. Could anyone tell me why this might be?

I'm running a Debian 9 Terraria server on the $10 tier and took these screenshots with the server on, but nobody connected.



  • I have the same problem i have 119% cpu usage and i have almost 2 users

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    I've noticed the same thing,

    Just created a new VM, Ubuntu 18.04, installed LAMP and a few other bits. Stuck the Terraria dedicated server on it because a few guys from work were talking about playing it again.

    CPU usage measured on the VM is typically sub-5%. Vultr's CPU monitors are hovering around 80% whenever Terraria application is running.


  • In the days before virtio stuff, if (for example) you had a lot of network traffic, that would cause the host CPU to spend many cycles emulating and decoding the network interface. Inside the guest, that wouldn't show as CPU usage.

    It won't be anything like as bad with virtio, but there must still be some hit.. What about other things your box does?

    What I'm getting at (and I don't know enough about the internal operation of qemu/kvm to give an accurate answer) is you have to consider that non-cpu things the guest does can equate to cpu cycles on the host.

    For instance, what is your terraria thing doing other than cpu?

  • I've installed Apache, PHP, MySQL, Webmin. A couple of test websites on it while I finalise the exact configuration I'm happy (looking at migrating from a CentOS VM that's a web server) mainly just testing it out before moving anything public to it.

    Terraria's listening on port 7777, but hasn't had any traffic aside from me connecting to see if it was up when I first installed it. There's negligible disk IO once its loaded, nor any network traffic.

    Its not that big of an issue as the box is for web stuff. Mainly just documenting that the issue is still present.

  • @daSmirnov Puzzling.. I don't have an answer to your specific case, but the "not just CPU uses CPU" is handy for people to remember in the more general sense.

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