Send Emails from my VPS

I have a Vultr VPS.
I have PHP script that send email linked to a form.
But something is missing on the VPS like SMTP ? How to install,I have CenteOS 7.


  • @cjacquel

    (I am not a Vultr employee)

    SMTP is not enabled for VULTR customers by default, as it can be used by spammers, and cause the rest of us to get blacklisted.

    If you can be trusted, and KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, then you can request to vultr than smtp is enabled.

    However, in your case, I'd expect you to be refused - no disrespect, but unless you know SMTP and setups well, someone could hack your server, send spam email, and seriously screw things up for the rest of us.

    If you're talking low-volume stuff, I'd suggest setting up a gmail account, and altering the PHP script to send mail via that, as that allows encrypted smtp submissions to their gmail servers. As long as you aren't doing anything dodgy, this will be fine with both vultr and google.
  • Hello, I will use my gmail account for sending emails with gmail. Could you help me how to implement it ? Thank you
  • @cjacquel What does your php script look like?

    I haven't used PHP for many years. Does this solve your problem? :
  • .... or try sendgrid? they are free for 100 emails per day :
  • Ok thx its works with gmail
  • Old thread, but I'd suggest looking at Amazon Simple Email Service. They have a free tier that's fairly generous. A bit tricky to setup but it works great. I've been using it for years and it's been totally free so far.
  • I AM7b5 thank you for the help. What is dedicated IP address required for? Can we not use the IP that we have from vultr?
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    First, assuming you have a Vult IP4 address for your VPS, that address IS a dedicated IP. You can use it.

    You need a dedicated ip because no legitimate mail service will relay mail for you unless they can do a reverse DNS lookup using your mail server's IP address and get back the name of your mail server. By default, query by IP is going to return a name with the netblock owner as the top-level domain ( in this case).

    What you need to do is here:

    Good luck.
  • Ok so I already have a dedicated IP address with my domain
    registered and configured within vultr using ns1/ns2.

    now to configure the reverse DNS - we are redirecting it to in the Vultr settings for IPV4.

    I thought redirecting it back to will put the PTR record in place; but now it's showing the below message

    To fix this problem, contact your system administrator and request that they replace all PTR records for” with the following record at”:

    Where XXX.XXX.XX.XXX represents my domain IP but in the reverse order. Are you able to advise if this reverse IP needs to go as an additional record in the settings page where the reverse DNS has been configured?

    I have referred to this link more than 100 times now; but it appears to be the most unhelpful link
  • Thanks the issue is resolved.
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