Send Emails from my VPS in Help

I have a Vultr VPS.
I have PHP script that send email linked to a form.
But something is missing on the VPS like SMTP ? How to install,I have CenteOS 7.


  • @cjacquel

    (I am not a Vultr employee)

    SMTP is not enabled for VULTR customers by default, as it can be used by spammers, and cause the rest of us to get blacklisted.

    If you can be trusted, and KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, then you can request to vultr than smtp is enabled.

    However, in your case, I'd expect you to be refused - no disrespect, but unless you know SMTP and setups well, someone could hack your server, send spam email, and seriously screw things up for the rest of us.

    If you're talking low-volume stuff, I'd suggest setting up a gmail account, and altering the PHP script to send mail via that, as that allows encrypted smtp submissions to their gmail servers. As long as you aren't doing anything dodgy, this will be fine with both vultr and google.
  • Hello, I will use my gmail account for sending emails with gmail. Could you help me how to implement it ? Thank you
  • @cjacquel What does your php script look like?

    I haven't used PHP for many years. Does this solve your problem? :
  • .... or try sendgrid? they are free for 100 emails per day :
  • Ok thx its works with gmail
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