Create LAN through OpenVPN

Hello, I'm currently using Vultr service. I have CentOS7 installed, up and running on my VPS. I also have OpenVPN installed.

I can connect every of my devices to OpenVPN successfully, but the problem is those devices cannot see each other, or in other words, they cannot ping each other.

I have done some researches about OpenVPN Server config file, and found an option called Client-to-Client. I have that enabled, and now my devices are able to see each other on my VPN. However, I still cannot use Remote Desktop to control my home computer from my workplace connected via VPN.

What should I be doing? My goal is to connect all my devices through VPN, they can ping each other (like you can do in your home LAN network), I can use Remote Desktop to control any of my Windows-powered devices in this VPN, and of course, my real IP will not be public on the Internet but my VPS IP.

Thank you. And be sorry for my grammar as English is not my mother language.
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