Access VC2 via IP address

I have VC2, the $3.50 p/m plan. I've just installed bigchandb on one and I should be able to access it via a browser using the IP address and the port. However I'm just getting a this site cannot be reached web page. Am I missing something? http://xx.xx.xx.xx:port/
I'll be using mongodb compass to access my nodes, so I need to be able to access the externally? not just via putty


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    You are right in that you should be able to access your site that way.

    Why it's not working could be down to any number of issues, though I'm unable to be any more specific in this case as you have decided not to tell us the ip address!
  • Hi, sorry this is the IP address and the port
  • I've tried setting up firewall rules for 9984, but nothing. Can't even get anything with the IP address or the reverse dns address. Nothing seems to work? I'm tearing my hair out because I'm on a tight schedule to get this node and others based on the same setup by tomorrow....
  • Anyone with any suggestions please?
  • @monican Sorry, i've been away for a few days. As of now, I can't reach that IP address at all - not even ping.

    If you've added firewall rules, that can complicate things, but as far as it looks from the outside, that IP address is simply not contactable.

    Can you make outgoing connections?
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