400ms ping from Sydney VC2 and packet loss.

Shocking latency that is higher than US servers for a local hosting.

Any suggested resolution or service roadmap?

Only purchased with Vultr with the reasonable expectation that the Sydney hosts would be usable. Consistently had 50% packet loss with ping request timeouts. 395-400ms ping in the cases where a response is received. Online tools also show consistently higher than expected latency. Traceroute through `he.net`?


  • We looked at your ticket, and your traceroute seems to suggest you're using a HE.NET tunnel server that's in Tokyo, while you are in Australia. We'd suggest asking your ISP if they support IPv6 natively, or choose a closer tunnel endpoint.
  • Hello devicenull

    I am not explicitly using a tunnel (?) with similar results for other users.

    Even other ping hosts get 300-400ms.
    Apart from the severe latency, Can you explain the down time?

    I am looking forward to the service credits or a full refund in light of the other misrepresentations.

    Shouldn't these Australian instances be usable in Australia?

    Also can you please look at unblocking my ip? Vultr firewall is erroneously restricting me from accessing my.vultr.com now..



    That gives me the freedom to be as blunt as you were.

    Firstly, my pings from the UK to my Sydney instance with vultr are less than 300ms.

    The fact you are seeing he.net in your traceroutes is because you are using an overloaded 6-to-4 relay from he.net in Tokyo. That is configured automatically when you have 6-to-4 enabled.

    If you want to use IP6 then sign up with he.net and configure the dedicated sydney endpoint instead.

    Otherwise, learn the difference between IP4 and IP6, or if that's too hard, disable IP6 on your computer.

    Vultr are not responsible for your pc bouncing through Tokyo and back.

    "devicenull" basically told you what your issue is, and you come back with abuse, and quite frankly, accusing him of misrepresentation is libel, and you should apologise.

    You'll never get anywhere being a dick.
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