Help needed on moving to a new instance with newer version of Ubuntu

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Hi all,

I was hoping for some advice on the best process of moving to a new server instance.

I'm currently on a Vultr French server (as no UK ones were available at the time) running Ubunto 16, I want to move to a new UK instance which is running on 18.

I tried updating my existing 16 to 18 but it went wrong and I had to restore a snapshot so don't dare try again. I have a feeling it either removed plesk access or wiped the server, even though I kept all orginal files when asked.

Obviously I can't use snapshots as that will bring over the OS too, but if I just use the backup manager to install a backup what exactly does that move over and what would I need to do seperately? (I'm running muiltiple wordpress sites and some forum software IPB)



  • There are basically two things you need to do:

    1. Get a list of packages are repositories stored on the first system.
    2. Figure out where your data files are.

    Once you set up your new Ubuntu 18.04 server, you need to transfer the list of installed packages over and have your new system install those packages. Then copy your data/configuration over.

    dpkg and the contents of the /etc/apt directory will handle the first step. ususally using rsync to copy your /home directories will take care of the second step.
  • Thanks @JustAPerson, Plesk have actually just updated a migration guide on how to do it.

    For anyone else reading this please see:
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