Newbie asks: Where is this one-click WordPress app?

I do not see the fabled one-click WordPress install app anywhere. The only pertinent documentation I can find seems to deal with configuration of the WP after the package is installed.

I have a server spinning but there's nothing in it.

(I had some Linux cloud-host accounts elsewhere a few years ago, but that experience does not help me here, not yet anyway.)


  • Meg,

    I think what you're after is under (2) Server Type > Application > Wordpress on the Deploy Servers page.
  • This might well be, but the navigation is so poor I cannot locate this Deploy Servers page.
  • edited January 2019
    Choose "Server" from the left side navigation panel, when your server comes up click the dropdown menu under the three green dots beside "running". From that dropdown choose "server settings". The next new page has many text links along the top. Choose "Settings". The next new window has a list of links on the left starting with "IP 4 address" at the top, and "Change Application" at the bottom.

    I also found this slightly confusing as my experience did not agree with the "howto" that I found on github.

  • I see the links were changed and made to be far more visible today. Well done team!
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