New account credit

Sorry to ask. I am wondering that I registered a new account and received $50 account credit. Which seems that it has a expires date. Does it mean that $50 would write off after that date?


  • it will expire after that date. i asked the same question to support stuff. i guess one can spend it out within that 1 month time frame by trying out new server instances running different services. pretty much useless.
  • From time to time, we run promotions so new users can test and benchmark our worldwide platform risk-free. Since we only bill for the hours you use (no long term contracts!), you can cancel service at any time for any reason.

    The unused portion of the account credit expires at the end of the promotional period. The expiration date is listed during the account creation as well as on your billing statement section:

    If you have any questions about your billing history, please open a support ticket and our account managers will be glad to assist further!

  • :(

    I already load 10$, so if i am not satisfy about the service. I can't quite. I thought 50$ I will use. Really disappointing situation.

    Big disadvantage is i can't downgrade! But Some provider has that option, ram, cpu core, disk space changeable option. After upgrade you can't downgrade!

  • Please open a support ticket so we can better assist you by visiting

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