Needed futures, please discuss

edited March 2019 in Features and Ideas
1: Server Groups / resource pools / Projects that can have different access levels for different users, users could be added only to one project / group / resource pool for certain access, and one can see the cost of the project / group of servers / resource pools.

Right now we have to create different accounts, enter billing in all of them, etc. which is very inconvenient so say the least.

2: Duplicating a Firewall with one click. Right now if you want to make a slightly different firewall, you have to add all the rules manually to a new firewall which is a lot of unnecessary work.

3: Adding white-list IPs for logging in to panel for added security

4: Adding hardware U2F keys support for 2FA (right now yubikey and OTP is available)

5: An official mobile APP for management on the go. Unofficial apps exist, but I don't dare using them.

6: Please add more Bare Metal Instances in Europe.

7: Please add Storage Instances and block storage in Europe.

8: Adding a Nordic location (Sweden?) would be great for penetrating northern European market
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