Make snapshots like backups

It's be good to be able to restore a snapshot to an existing instance, so that a restore wouldn't change the IP address. An IP may be more or less dispersed among clients. Now after a snapshot restore, which requires a new instance with different IP, those clients are affected and have to be updated.

Yes, in a development environment the number of clients wouldn't be large, but still, there's inconvenience in saying, "Oops, let's roll this server back to the last snapshot" that would be eliminated if the IP were unchanged.

I may be overlooking something, in which case I'd appreciate any insight.


  • There is a 'Snapshots' tab on the 'Server Details' page that will allow you to restore any of your snapshots to any existing instance.
  • Sorry, I don't see how to do that. I currently have one existing instance and one snapshot. The only action that I can see available is the large-ish white-on-blue "+" button to deploy a new instance.
  • Click on the name of the instance, and you should see the page I'm referring to.
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