Thank you Vultr !

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We are a small startup with 4 employes. ( no company yet ) We are working about fintech and news website deployed on two instance 8 CPU and one instance 8 cpu ( centos) ( our account in vultr system are
Our service have about 500 unique visitor / days.

At 2019-03-24 15:50:44 EDT time . Our worker made a mistake , that made of our database has been lost .Fortunately i was use backup service of Vultr ( 15$/month for all of my server)
But i can restore this backup , cause my account has limit ( 10 cpu). I wrote many tickets from 15h 2019-03-24ET Sunday cause it is urgent case . I Wait untill 16H21 25/03 ET time Monday Afternoon (23 hours passed ) Ben H.
reply and requirement info about instances and provide the business name and organization URL(s)..... i was reply and my ticket are still waiting another day ....

So with two days downtime of service ( from 24-03 ) . Ours service totally lost all user cause they think our are scammer ( we lost database and cannot restore )
I'm very sad about support of Vultr. I'm a paid user from 2017 with >200$ charge/month , then i can not deployed new instance from a backup to secure our service .
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