Snapshot limits

I'm start using Vultr for reselling vps in local

All of Vultr performance are very nice ..
but 10 - snapshots limits per account is not enough for resellers

i'm already bought backup plan for all instances with 20% of instances cost and i'm using daily backup
( its store last 2 recent backups )

i want to use snapshots for weekly backup .. but my snapshots limit is just 10 snapshots per account
so .. i contact to support and they added more 5 snapshots limit onto my account .. OK well fine ..

But when i have over 15 instances .. i can't use snapshots for all my renting instances .
So i request to support .. can i get snapshots limit same as like my renting instances and 2 extra for testing else .. But staff reply me NO and said its the rules of Vultr .. ( OK well fine )
everyone know daily last 2 backup is not enough for save our data .. at least should have
least 1 weekly backup

So i request again .. can i be use multiple accounts and i'll rent 8 instances per account & also backup with 20% cost .. ( so i can use 10 - snapshot weekly backup for 8 instances )
Staff reply again no .. its the rules of Vultr did't allow multiple account !

Its look like Staff was closing more renting VPS from Vultr !

Note again :
10 snapshots per account is very fair for only regular users who used 3 - 4 instances per account
But ...
10 snapshots per account is useless for Resellers .. we will rent 10 ( or ) more instances with one account .. so .. at least Vultr should give chance snapshots limit to be same amount as how many instances we rent ..

I hope Senior Administrator will see this post ..

( Sorry for my bad english .. i think its can be understand what i want to say )

Thanks you

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