MySQL on ubuntu Keeps crashing


Asking for your help. My MySQL on ubuntu  Keeps crashing. I really don't know the cause. 

Every time I did some updates on my sites, it crashes.

I searched some answers from the internet  and they say :

1. Most likely low RAM and OOM issues

2.Change to the low resource config for MySQL (one of the three sample config files provided)

3. Add a swap file

4. Remove InnoDB support (not needed for WordPress... saves tons of ram)....

Could this be the possible reasons and solutions?

What are your thoughts?



  • Yes, not enough RAM is usually the case. MySQL is memory intensive. I would suggest starting with a swap file to see if that reduces the number of crashes you're experiencing. If it helps, upgrading to a VPS with more RAM will improve performance.
  • I see..Thanks!
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