Horizontal Scaling In Vultr


I would like to know if horizontal scaling is possible in Vultr.


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    Horizontal scaling basically just means deploying more instances to do the same thing, so yes, this is something you can do. We do not have any pre-built automation for this, so it's something you'd need to build if you wanted it.
  • piggy backing on this idea, we want to try to automate this via the api. a couple of problems:

    - when we clone a snapshot, it has no connectivity because the network configuration needs to be updated. how could we connect to this instance programatically in order to update the network configs, or add a script on the server to do it itself? from everything i have researched there doesn't appear to be a way
    - https://my.vultr.com/subs/netconfig/?SUBID= provides network configuration examples with the sub's info conveniently filled in. is there some way to access this via api?
  • @GMorris89 You can configure your host to use DHCP. On boot up, vultrs dhcp servers will send your *static* configuration details relevent to your instance.
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