PTR Mismatch - Reverse DNS configured but not resolving to an IP

Hello experts
I have email deliverability issues to gmail/outlook that I am trying to resolve.
configured DKIM/SPF & PTR record. DKIM /SPF warning message disappeared in cpanel
however in WHM; the DKIM/SPF record shows that the DKIM/SPF is configured inappropriately.
I verified the DKIM link on a keycheck site and the result was positive; so I think the record that I saved in the vultr DNS for DKIM /SPF is correct.

qs1. Why is there a mis-match between the messages between WHM and cpanel?

PTR record is still in a warning state showing the below message in cpanel & WHM. Here the PTR records status is aligned between WHM and cpanel.

""""The system sends the domain” in the SMTP handshake for this domain’s email.” does not resolve to any IP addresses.To fix this problem, create a DNS A” record for” whose value is”. """"""

I included the A record in the DNS more than 48hours ago; but the record is not propogating. The above message remains. I logged a call with cpanel today and they executed the dns dig for me and have come up with the below investigation.

PS <> LS
Parent Server ---> --->

Local Server ---> --->

cpanel assessment as below -
As you can see, the nameservers shown are not part of this server because neither of those IP addresses belong to this server.Additionally, the nameservers do not match. The 'Parent NS' is different than the 'Local NS', these should generally be equal.
qs2. In my server configuration; I have the name server ns1 & n2 Where do I have to stipulate the ns1 & ns2 choopadns?

What is confusing me is that no wikis on this forum that I could find talked about PS<> LS and I am unsure if cpanels assessment is correct?

I did read on cpanel help that the PTR record needs to be created by the Upstream provider for the A record to propogate. Is this true?


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