More bandwidth to compete with Digital Ocean

edited June 2019 in Features and Ideas
Digital Ocean had worse bandwidth pricing in the past, but it looks like they are also offering $10/TB since last year.

They are also offering free inbound and allow you to pool bandwidth between your instances.

It would be nice if Vultr could beat this offer or at least match it.

Also it is strange that dedicated instance that costs $60/month offers 10 tb but bare metal which costs $120/month only offers 5 tb.


  • Overage in North America with Vultr is $10/TB by the way. They do however only charge for egress, rather than Vultr's largest number method and allo pooling which is superior.

    I would like to second this however as a customer who is a month or two from being forced to migrate away from Vultr due to $10/TB "overage" additional bandwidth. Being unable to pool from the 100TB+ TB unused for other applications and unable to purchase additional bandwidth at a reasonable price.

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