An option for Instances without storage ?

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Could you propose a cheaper plan : an instance without storage ?

I would find it interesting to be able to only use the CPU and
Memory ressources, especially for short lived instances.

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  • What exactly can you do with no storage at all?! just PXE boot?
  • You can do any computation that do not require
    non-volatile storage. Yes, iPXE boot would be the mean
    to launch these instances, it's already offered in
    vultr custom OS images options.
  • What I would like to leverage for those instance :

    - cheaper price as no storage is used

    - fast boot as the pre-installed OS starts immediatly from the network and
    there is no installation phase.
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    I certainly like the idea, given that I rarely need even the 15GB storage of the 768 instance, but would like more RAM & Horsepower (how do they make the horses so small to fit so many on a microchip?) Anyway, I think the issue here is that between storage, CPU, and RAM, storage is by far the least expensive resource, and so takiing even the highest level of 4 CPUs & 16GB RAM and removing all storage would probably not allow for much of a price cut.

    Edit: Though I'd still love the option, even if it only cut a little off the price, especially if I could do the same with CPU & RAM, e.g., set 2GB ram but only 1 CPU, 10GB ssd storage, etc. Not that I'm complaining about the current prices.
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