New to self managed. Looking for paid assistance

Hi All,

I'm new to managing my own server. Previously with VentraIP in Australia and while I had a WHM account there as a reseller, I didn't have access to full server management as I do with Vultr.

As a result, I have a heap of noob questions that Vultr Support don't and won't answer (which I completely understand - that's not their business).

To that end, I'm looking for someone that I can bounce questions off to learn and understand how everything works as and when different situations come up.

I'm happy to pay for this assistance.

My idea would be that someone would either be available via Slack / Skype / WhatsApp etc so that as I try things and screw them up, I can ask you for your help and then pay you for your time.

If you or anyone you know is available and willing to offer such assistance, send me a message and we can discuss!




  • No one else has answered this so I'll weigh in. While I think our time zone differences would make it difficult to do live support sessions, I am available if you want to hire someone to do the work that needs to be done. Instead of walking you through the steps or trouble shooting, I would document the steps I was doing so you'd be able to recreate them next time.
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