Tor exit nodes?

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I am currently testing different hosting providers with a view to ascertaining suitability for hosting several nodes in future for a non profit organisation.

In particular the NPO in question is concerned with speeding up the proliferation of Tor. To this end I an particularly interested in testing providers that are happy to allow us to run Tor exit nodes.

Does vultr allow Tor exit nodes? We run our nodes with a somewhat reduced exit policy which blocks outbound communication to SSH and SMTP. Other than that we are more than happy to handle any abuse complaints directly. These can either be forwarded on to our email or you can publish or address as the direct abuse contract via SWIP.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Mike Patton


  • The answer is 'No' and here is the rationale behind that decision:

    While Tor in and of itself may not specifically violate Terms of Service/Acceptable Use Policy, the consequences arising from the myriad ways the protocol may be abused take Tor outside the range of services can permit.
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