Managed MySQL databases

Digital Ocean, AWS, Google Cloud, et cetera all offer managed MySQL databases.

If Vultr offered this we would move all our infrastructure here. Since Vultr do not, we won't.

Super bonus points would be if Vultr offered managed MariaDB hosting (drop in replacement for MySQL but faster and open source).

Also a CDN would be nice.


  • yes, definitely need this feature. it's the main one holding me back in my decision making to choose vultr

  • I would switch to vultr from aws in a heartbeat if you offered managed mysql.


  • This certainly is a must.

    Digital Ocean is already in the game with other bigger players.

    It is disheartening that Vultr is totally silent about managed databases, and other user "discussions".

    What is the point of your users' "discussions" when you are nowhere to be heard ??

    You could at least provide some official insight and join the discussions.

    Have a look at Linode, they respond to even a single user comment.

    We might be "small" users for you, but we are also many, so it would pay to listen even to the small ones.

    Anyhow... a bit of rant... I do hope you show a bit more respect for your user and their needs regardless of their monetary figure...

  • Hello,

    We appreciate your feature requests, and we keep the development team informed about them. We can't speculate about what they are planning, but we announce new features when they are released here:

    Thank you for using Vultr, and let us know what else you'd like to see.

    --- David

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