Is it fine to run a PocketMine-MP game server? Last time, it maxed out CPU.

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I ordered a High Frequency VPS from Vultr back then, it was excellent at performance and everything else. But due to the nature of pthreads (the PHP extension PocketMine-MP is using) it cannot distribute work across different threads efficiently. Therefore, only using a single core for most of the work.

In addition to this, the game server seems to use 100% CPU utilization even on 0 players. But the actual game server's load is showing up at 0.09-1.30%.

I'm thinking of moving back to Vultr but I'm afraid if it would cause the same issue as last time which in the end, ended up with Vultr limiting my account's CPU speed, and exponentially decreased the performance of the entire VPS.

I love Vultr for several reasons:

  • Fast Deployment Time
  • Extremely Performant VPSs
  • Very seamless on uptime
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