How to access GUI for CentOS?

I'll admit I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. I just want a remote virtual computer with a GUI. When I connect to the Vultr server, even after installing the operating system, it comes up completely empty with nothing but bash installed. I've been reading and trying a bunch of different commands and almost none of them work. The Vultr "support" is COMPLETELY useless.


  • How are you connecting? SSH? VNC? RDP?

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    @herbkazazz Vultr provides **unmanaged** services. Support is for issues with the Vultr infrastructure itself. Having said that, Vultr are more helpful to newbies than they need be, and they offer loads of documentation.

    For someone like you who "has no idea what you are doing", you need a managed service. If you google, you can find them starting at around $35 a month.

    For someone who prefers low prices to paid staff hand-holding newbies, Vultr is great.

    I'm getting fed up of people who admit they know little about what they are doing, yet moan that Vultr don't provide some sort of free training for them.

    Do you realise that any profit made from your $5.00 a month server would be swallowed up by one staff member helping you for less than 15 minutes?

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